Hudson-Barilko plane wreckage returned to Timmins

It was an emotional day that 14 Timmins residents will never forget. 60 years ago, in August of 1951, Dr. Henry Hudson and NHL Stanley Cup hero Bill Barilko of Timmins were on their way back from the Seal River on the east coast of Hudsons Bay to Porcupine Lake in Timmins when their 2-seater Fairchild float-plane disappeared. The largest search and rescue mission in Canadian history failed to turn up any sign of the missing aircraft. Finally, in 1962 a helicopter pilot spotted what he believed to be plane wreckage about 45 miles north of Cochrane.

On Sunday (October 17, 2011) a team of Timmins residents led by retired dentist Dr. John Shaw and project sponsor Bill Hughes pulled off a recovery mission that most people would consider impossible – they retrieved the wreckage and brought it home to Timmins.

The entire project was captured on film by documentary filmmaker Kevin Vincent, including the ceremonial return to Porcupine Lake later that evening, where Hudson’s aircraft, like other floatplanes over the years, was stationed. Read More…


Kevin Shea has written a masterpiece of Canadian cultural mythology exploring the hockey legend Bill Barilko and his mysterious disappearance after scoring the Stanley Cup winner against the Habs in 1951. This is not just a hockey book. Shea writes about Barilko’s early life, influences and career track. He shines a light on “The Porcupine” – the area in and around Timmins where Barilko and several other NHL greats came to maturity. The exhaustive attention to details of Barilko’s untimely death make this a gripping read. Shea had unparalleled access to Barilko’s sister, Anne Klisanich who shared observations and memories of her brother Bill. Her love of her brother and the game of hockey come through very clearly in Shea’s book. He combines the right amount of tension with lots of rich detail to make for a rewarding and inspiring read for any Canadian book-lover. Several outstanding photographs illustrate the book – many from Anne Klisanich’s own private archive of the scrapbooks she kept of her brother’s life. If you find The Tragically Hip’s song “Fifty Mission Cap” running through your head – you aren’t alone. Shea also explored the connections between Bailko’s life and popular culture today. In this updated release, there is further information as to the condition of the crash site which was found again in 2005. I’m going to recommend this one for my Book Club!  (from


Only existing examples of Bill Barilko’s voice. Sensational and exclusive audio of the Leafs’ tragic, young hero Listen Now

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Top sports book

Chapters/Indigo has selected ‘BARILKO: WITHOUT A TRACE’ as one of its top sports book releases of Fall 2010.  More info can be found here.

Barilko: Lost and Found

Talented Toronto artist Liz Pead will be exhibiting her outstanding painting, ‘BARILKO: LOST AND FOUND’ at the Gladstone Tavern beginning Friday, September 17. Click Here for more info.

Bill Barilko’s sister comments about new book

Bill Barilko’s sister, Anne Klisanich, just received the book and commented that this is her favourite photograph of Bill. She also loved the new chapter, which chronicles a return to the site of his plane crash.

New book now available

‎’BARILKO: WITHOUT A TRACE’ by bestselling author Kevin Shea now released. New cover and new chapter from 2005 version of this book. Available in ‘better bookstores everywhere.’

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